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August 28, 2009


Looks delicious, and oh-so-summer. I've been wondering what to make for a potluck tomorrow, and I think this might be it....

I made this too. Amazing.

Thanks Deena! I hope it worked out well! Kickpleat, definitely one of the hits this summer. So sad that Gourmet won't be part of next summer!

Looks so delicious and mouthwatering. I have made this yesterday. Want to make again.

I've been making Laurie Colwin's original version of this pie for years, both at home and at the restaurant, and it's a big hit. Pregnant women crave it, college students home for the summer wax nostalgic for it, and a French family that visits an immigrant daughter for a late summer reunion requests it every year.

At any rate, to avoid the soggy crust I put a thin layer of cheese in first, before the tomatoes. And I'm sure to assemble the pie only when the oven is preheated and we're ready to pop it in directly. After that, it keeps quite well for at least a day, if it lasts that long.
Also, in looking over the recipe in Epicurious, I see that they've added 3/4 cup of milk -- I never do that, and I don't believe that Colwin's recipe had that either. Just the mayo mixed with lemon juice.
Cheers, and my best to your folks.

Glad you like it vitamine A!

Thanks for the great tip Bonni! I will definitely try that next time. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving in Waupaca!

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