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January 09, 2009


Congrats and wishes for many more years to come! I love the creativity of flavors and ingredients here!

Congratulations on entering your fourth year with Pro Bono Baker! You've posted a lot of great recipes and beautiful photos. Keep posting, I definitely enjoy it!

This looks delicious! Congrats on another year!

congratulations on 4 years! the beet cupcakes look fantastic.

i wanted to let you know that the URL for my food blog - Bribe Me with a Muffin - has recently changed. the new address is www.BribeMewithaMuffin.blogspot.com

do you mind updating your side bar when you have a chance?

and i am still linked to you from my blog.

thank you! :)

this sounds so interesting and delicious! and the first photo is just darling. congrats on your blog turning 4, too!

Congratulations! Four years and I just found out your site! Love it.

Thank you for the kind words Joelen, Evan, Joanna, Genevieve, Lizzie and Rita!

No longer a baby, your blog, but still as lovely as ever to follow. Congrats Gemma :)

Thank you Zarah!

This is amazing! So unique, I love it!.. I work with Chavrie (the pyramid shaped goat cheese) and I love to see recipes like this! I was looking for dessert recipes that incorporate goat cheese and this is at my top of the list. Thanks for the post!

Hi Corrinne,

What a lovely job! I hope you enjoy the recipe.


I can always depend on you for recipes that will make me look good. I'm adapting this one for a "Cake of the Proletariat" contest at a party tonight. You are the rockstarriest person I know.

So glad to hear it worked out well for you. I miss you Jane!

Is it possible to make a goat cheese frosting without actually putting any regular cream cheese in it? I'm basically looking for a recipe that doesn't contain any cow's milk products.

Many thanks. Beautiful photography by the way!

Gen, I think that would work fine. Just be sure to balance as needed with the sweet flavors, perhaps even adding more maple syrup rather than powdered sugar to make sure the texture is still creamy. Good luck and thanks for the nice comment!

I love your blog-so cute.

I recently used this recipe, and while I forgot/traded a few ingredients, it was AWESOME.


Thank you!

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