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December 08, 2008


The Mushroom and Wild Rice Pie was delicious! Great call on the goat cheese. And so pretty!


I made the Mushroom Pie for Thanksgiving, and I agree, it looked better than it tasted, but it still tasted great.

I used pearled barley in place of farro, but wild rice sounds awesome!

I used some dried porcini and used the mushroom broth in place of veggie broth, which I have found to be horribly bland unless you make it yourself. I threw in some herbs to round out the flavors. Mine ended up with a nice strong mushroom flavor. Next time, I might use more of a mushroom blend, maybe use wild mushrooms...

I like the choice of goat cheese - that is what my wife and I felt would be the single best improvement over the ricotta.

Would you stick with white wine? I used madeira as per the original recipe and I liked the way the sweet red gave the mushrooms even more depth.

Ultimately, my feeling was that the somewhat bland flavors were perfect for TG because there are so many other flavors on the plate. To stand alone, it needs a sauce. But I haven't been able to decide on one. Some play on a bechemel? Some sort of madeira reduction to pull out those flavors? Any thoughts?

This pie looks very, very tasty!! The focaccia and winter rolls looks so yummy!!

Thanks Joanna and Talita! Mike, using the porcini mushrooms and mushroom stock sounds like an excellent idea. I am going to do that next time. Regarding the wine choice, I have to admit that I just used what I had on hand. I'm interested to hear that you thought the Madeira added so much flavor. I'll buy a bottle next time. I think the bechemel would be too heavy, but the reduction sounds intriguing. Maybe even something slightly sweeter like a wine-y cranberry sauce?

Just made the mushroom wild rice pie. Used sun-dried tomatoes and added a finely chopped spanish onion--it was delicious and hearty enough to quiet the meat eaters in my family. Yum!

Excellent! Sun-dried tomatoes sound like an excellent addition. I will try that next time.

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