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February 02, 2006


Hey Gemma, I am glad that you and John made it back safely. Good luck with your job search. Once you get settled in and things slow down a bit you should come down to Iowa for a visit.

much love,


Glad to hear you arrived back safely! I have so enjoyed having a visual tour of your trip!

I just discovered your blog and what a delight, food and travel, all the things I love!
Welcome home if Chicago is your home. This is where my husband's family lives and where he, my husband, partially lived!

Hi Gemma! It's so nice to see news from you and so good news from Chicago. You know that troubles finally make good, so that was realy wonderful time we spent together in moscow, i hope to see you and John soon again anywhere :)

Congratulations on your homecoming ... all the best!

Hi Evan, I am coming out this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you Joe and Ivonne!

Thanks Bea. Yes, Chicago is home. We had such an amazing trip, but I have to admit it is nice to be back in a familiar place!

Hi Alex! I am glad that we met you, even though it started out with a missed train. I had a really great time in Moscow, thank you for everything. I too hope we meet again one day soon.

Gemma, I'm glad you're back safely - I've enjoyed reading your wonderful adventure and look forward to hearing more about it. Take care.

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