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August 25, 2005


What a useful substitution! I don't grow zucchini anymore since they're a rather agressive presence in the garden, but my cucumbers have been getting huge this year. I'll have to give this a shot.

hi gemma, what a terrific idea - am sure they must have turned out really moist and lovely...glad new camera working out for you - pictures look great! cheers,j

Thats an interesting sub! I would have probably done it too just to try it. Anything with chocolate has to be good though right? =)

I love your site !!
thanks, Chanit from Israel :-)

Thank you! Yes, give it a go with the cucumber if you find yourself without zucchini and still want to have the chocolately goodness of a baked good with some sort of vegetable.

Thanks J, I am loving my new camera. I had become so attached that it was as if I had lost a limb after it was stolen.

Thank you Chanit, I am going to check out your site.

You suck and i dislike your site very much. why the hell wouldny you put a fucking recipe on it??? We dont want fucking pictures we want fucking recipes..


If you follow the links Gemma provided you can easily find the recipe.
I believe the only change is that Gemma has used cucumber instead of zuchini.

Way to throw some hostility out into the world, though. Very nice.

Lovely weekends all,

Hi Ally. If you 'dislike my site very much' you should not visit it. I bake because I find it soothing and somewhat cathartic. I hope you can turn your anger into some delicious muffins that will make your day brighter.

Thanks Mindy. You are correct, the cucumber subsitution was the only change I made to the original recipe.

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